Working in conjunction with community groups and local populations, Walk on Water Global focuses on  preaching the Gospel to the unreached, equipping the reached to fulfill God's plan in their lives and providing PBM (Project Based Ministry) to both these groups.

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 About Us

This is a community based, non-denominational Christian ministry seeking to develop nations spiritually and economically for their inherited destiny in Christ Jesus.

We seek the unreached to fulfill the greatest commission ever given as well as upport and equip locals for the gospel, ministry and discipleship.

Engage locals through PBM (Project Based Ministry) including:

  • T.E.P. (Transformational Education Programs) - cutting edge 21st Century education for the disadvantaged.

  • A.W.E. African Women's Enterprise (Supplying small lump sum grants to disadvntaged women to initiate self-supporting small businesses)

  • Clean Water through The Bucket Ministry (with only a highly refiined filter based on dialysis research and a locally purchased bucket if cleaned and maintained properly can be used for up to 20 years per family)

"Yea, so I have strived to preach the gospel not where Christ was named, lest I should build on another man's foundation; but as it is written to whom He was not spoken of, they shall see; and they that have not heard shall understand. " (Romans 15:20-21)

Prayer for Africa

I pray that Africa will be known as the Continent For Christ, not as the continent of corruption. I pray those in power and leadership in Africa will be awakened by YOUR VERY SPIRIT FATHER and transformed from the inside out....I pray the genocide, the violence, rape, terrorism, poverty and starvation will no longer have a home on African land....I pray that a rising of the GOSPEL will fill the remotest of communities and most urbanized cities....and that dear AFRICA will be the CONTINENT OF THE CROSS

in the Mighty and Precious name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, He who was and is and is to come.


Bwana Asifiwe!

  • Our current PBM:

  • T.E.P. Transformational Education Program (Schools)

  • Clean water via The Bucket Ministry

  • A.W.E. (African Women's Enterprise)

  • Bibles for Africa and beyond

 Our Work

As a Gospel-driven, Project Based Ministry our aim is always to glorify Jesus Christ and His finished work.

Yea, I haved strived to preach the gospel not where Christ was named, lest I should build on another man's foundation;but as it is written, to whom He was not spoken of, they shall see: and they that have not heard, shall understand. (Romans 15:21)

We preach the Gospel to the poor, needy and lost, heal the sick, equip the saints for the ministry of reconciliation, and encourage them to have a living faith in the Living God, living in them. This faith then is reproduced as local peoples share their faith with their neighbors and they find salvation in the only name under heaven which men must be saved, Jesus Christ.

We are initiating projects from education to clean water so that others may see and benefit from the goodness of God when His people answer His call.

The continent of Africa is a main focus as there are some 900 people groups yet reached with the Gospel. What a harvest awaiting our LORD!

We will seek sponsors for:

Schools to be built, supplied and teachers trained in innovative 21st Century transformational educational practice.

Small lump sum business grants for A.W.E.

Clean water via filters through The Bucket Ministry (

And always for Bibles throughout Africa and beyond.

 "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men" (Proverbs 18:16). 

May these gifts be received by those who are yet to know HIM, by those who know and love Him and be given by His dear children to both.

Of course we welcome hardy and resolute volunteers to join us in the field, whose greatest motivation is the Father's heart for as Jesus Christ said, "Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to Me."

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Join Us

We need partners, donors, sponsors and volunteer staff for this vision to become a reality for the developing nations. If you are moved to assist in any way please click our contact link below.

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